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Kybella Injections

The Double Chin Solution

Eat healthy? Check. Exercise? Check. Live a healthy lifestyle? Check. Still got that double chin? Check. That’s where Registered Nurse Devina Pacis and Skin Canvas can help. Her Irvine Kybella treatments can specifically target the double chin area and remove that submental fat without surgery.

What is Kybella?

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Kybella, also known as the “double chin shot,” is an FDA-approved injectable treatment made from deoxycholic acid.

This acid occurs in your body naturally in your stomach. Kybella uses this acid to seek out and destroy the stubborn submental fat forming your double chin. Kybella injections aim to permanently clear fat cells in your upper neck and give you long-lasting results.

How do I know if Kybella is right for me?

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A double chin might not seem like a big deal, but it can affect your confidence. If you live a healthy lifestyle and participate in exercise regularly, a double chin can lead you to appear heavier than you are. A double chin can also make some people appear older as the skin appears to be sagging. If you’re frustrated by a double chin, Kybella may be for you. Kybella works best for patients who have a double chin without excessive extra skin or jowls. Removing fat from beneath the chin with Kybella in these cases can make sagging skin worse. During your consultation for Kybella Irvine registered nurse and aesthetics expert, Devina Pacis, will test your skin to help make sure this treatment is right for you.

The Kybella Procedure

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Kybella has been recognized as a safe and effective minimally invasive treatment for people seeking to reduce their double chin. You will start your beauty journey with a consultation with Nurse Devina to make sure Kybella is right for you.

On the day of your treatment, you can relax knowing you’re in good hands. Devina will cleanse and numb the area before marking injection sites for the Kybella treatment to target. Each treatment typically involves quick, multiple injections. Most treatments last under 30 minutes. To produce the best results, multiple treatments are necessary, properly spaced out over several months so that you can get rid of that double chin once and for all.

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Kybella Recovery

Kybella treatments are safe and effective, requiring little to no downtime. Because these are injections, some patients may experience minor or slight discomfort at the injection site.

Pain, redness, and swelling can usually be dealt with by using ice and other at-home remedies. There may be minimal bruising. Many patients can return to work following Kybella treatments, but some may need an extra couple of days. Nurse Devina will go through the recovery process with you so you know how to minimize risks and maintain your results.

Kybella Results

Many Irvine Kybella patients need more than one treatment to achieve their desired results. Every patient is different, but noticeable differences are typically seen after two to four treatments.

Skin Canvas will work with you to design the plan that is tailored to you. Once the necessary amount of Kybella treatments have been completed, you can rest assured, knowing the results will last. Kybella destroys the fat cells that were forming that disastrous double chin. This means that they’re unlikely to come back as long as you maintain your weight.

Schedule your Kybella consultation with Skin Canvas today

“I feel like you are an artist, and my skin is your canvas!”

These kind words from a patient led Registered Nurse Devina Pacis to name her practice Skin Canvas. She listens to her patients and cares about their happiness. This dedication created a loyal group of patients who fly in from around the country to get her to perform their treatments. To become the next Skin Canvas masterpiece, schedule a consultation for Kybella in Irvine with Nurse Devina today.

Irvine Kybella Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kybella injections hurt?

Nurse Devina uses topical pain relief to make sure any discomfort during injections is minimal. Following your treatment, you may experience mild tenderness or bruising at the injection site, but this resolves on its own within a few days.

Will insurance cover it?

Insurance considers Kybella treatments elective cosmetic procedures and they do not cover them.

You deserve to love the way you look. Whether in the mirror or pictures, you want your face to reflect your true self. At Skin Canvas we artfully brush away the years with our state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments in Irvine, CA. Schedule your consultation with Skin Canvas today to let us turn your look into a masterpiece you will love sharing with the world.

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