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Perfect Pout? Look No Further

Get the full, pouty lip look with a Lip Flip

You’ve probably seen “the look.” That glamorous pout from influencers and celebrities. That look has been one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments around the world, and Registered Nurse Devina Pacis wants to help you achieve it with a lip flip in Irvine at Skin Canvas. Patients from around the country travel to Irvine to see Nurse Devina because of her incredible results. Let Devina use her expert aesthetic eye and help you achieve that perfect pout.

What is a Lip Flip?

achieve that perfect pout look
Irvine lip flip model with sunglasses
Irvine lip flip model wearing red lipstick

What do people first see when they look at us? If it’s not the eyes, it’s definitely the lips. Young, youthful lips are a desirable feature for people of any age, but the lip flip procedure helps achieve that perfect pout look.

A lip flip is a type of lip augmentation procedure that focuses on the upper lip. The lip flip is a wonderful alternative to a full lip augmentation because the lip flip does not focus on volume. Devina uses the lip flip procedure to help craft the perfect shape of the lip in order to make that upper lip pop and appear more visible. This is achieved through a neurotoxin injection into the upper lip, which helps your upper lip relax and pronounce that sexy pout a little more.

How do I know if a Lip Flip is right for me?

appearance of fullness throughout

Lip flip procedures can augment the lips for almost all healthy adults. Some patients might already have plump and seductive lips, but a flip from Devina might be the perfect complement. Some patients might have their perfect lip look when their lips are in their resting position, but when they smile, the lips might lose their shape or volume. That’s where the lip flip comes in. The procedure helps patients achieve that full, sexy whether they’re resting or smiling, with the appearance of fullness throughout. During your consultation, Nurse Devina will review your medical history to ensure no health issues might make you ineligible for a lip flip.

Lip Flip Procedure

achieve all of your beauty goals

Nurse Devina Pacis’ goal is simple: help you achieve all of your beauty goals. She does this through experience and natural ability that has delivered amazing results for clients for years. Her skills produce luscious, sexy lips that keep clients coming back, and it starts with comfort for you: comfort in knowing the plan you agreed on is the right one for you, and comfort on the day of the procedure.

Lip flip treatments use a neurotoxin injection on your upper lip. Think of it as a relaxing pinch that helps settle your lip and give the appearance of a full, voluptuous pout. The procedure is quick and relatively painless and allows your lip to appear more defined. Treatments typically last less than 20 minutes, but the results (and compliments) last much longer than that! Most importantly, Nurse Devina and the team at Skin Canvas will work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re relaxed, comfortable, and satisfied.

Irvine lip flip model with blonde hair
Irvine lip flip model with red hair

Lip Flip Recovery

Nurse Devina’ mastery of lip flip techniques minimizes patient discomfort, and there is virtually no downtime necessary after your procedure. She has a history of providing optimal results for her patients. It’s why patients travel to Irvine from around the country to see her.

Lip Flip Results

The results will speak for themselves when you see your sexy new perfect pouty lips. These results typically last up to four months between touch-up treatments. Devina will work with you on how to properly maintain your rejuvenated and youthful lips to get the same great results with each treatment.

Schedule your Irvine Lip Flip consultation with Skin Canvas today

artistry and expertise

You are a work of art, and your skin is your canvas. Registered Nurse Devina Pacis uses her artistry and her expertise to bring your natural beauty to the surface through her precise treatments. Schedule your lip flip in Irvine with Nurse Devina today.

Irvine Lip Flip Frequently Asked Questions

Will my lip flip hurt?

Nurse Devina makes sure to numb the injection site to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, you may feel a little tingling or tenderness around the injection site like you would after any injection, but it fades quickly.

Will insurance cover it?

Lip flips are considered elective cosmetic procedures, and insurance does not cover them.

You deserve to love the way you look. Whether in the mirror or pictures, you want your face to reflect your true self. At Skin Canvas we artfully brush away the years with our state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments in Irvine, CA. Schedule your consultation with Skin Canvas today to let us turn your look into a masterpiece you will love sharing with the world.

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