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The benefits of HydraFacial are right in the name. A HydraFacial treatment focuses on hydrating your skin with a non-invasive skin therapy that leaves you recharged, refreshed, and glowing. It combines all the great things you love about a regular facial while taking it over the top with amazing and refreshing hydration benefits. It’s why HydraFacial is rapidly growing in popularity, and you can experience this game-changing treatment at Skin Canvas with Registered Nurse Devina Pacis.

What is a HydraFacial?

glowing and healthy skin
Irvine hydrafacial model with sunglasses
Irvine hydrafacial model with brown hair

A hydrafacial can provide great results. Cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction are all wonderful things that everyone should try to incorporate into their regular skincare routines.

HydraFacial takes all of those benefits and improves them by adding next-level hydration and moisturizing effects. A HydraFacial at Skin Canvas leads to smooth, refreshed skin. At Skin Canvas Aesthetics we strive to provide the very best hydrafacials Irvine has to offer. Your skin feels soothed, you feel great, and your friends are jealous of your glowing and healthy skin. What more could you ask for from a treatment? The key to the HydraFacial is in the HydraFacial wand. Devina Pacis has mastered the technique which gently glides the HydraFacial wand over your skin and pores. The wand cleans out dirt that has built up in pores like a vacuum while also infusing your skin with hydrating treatments.

How do I know if a HydraFacial is right for me?

refresh, rehydrate, and rejuvenate

Life can be tough, but we all have to face the elements. This means the elements can have a habit of piling up on our faces. Makeup, dirt, oil, and blackheads all try to make homes on our skin, but HydraFacial can help. If you’re in need of a gentle, soothing treatment that allows your skin to refresh, rehydrate, and rejuvenate, then consider a HydraFacial at Skin Canvas.

HydraFacial Procedure

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HydraFacial procedures focus on comfort and results at Skin Canvas. Your treatment is very similar to a regular facial that involves cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction. The difference begins when Devina Pacis gently begins to use the HydraFacial wand. HydraFacials are soothing and painless and can feel like a gentle massage on your face.

The HydraFacial hydrating serums help give you a radiant glow following the procedure. The HydraFacial targets the appearance of dry skin as well as oily skin or skin having difficulties with acne. HydraFacial can also be beneficial for people experiencing signs of aging, including sun damage, blackheads, lines and wrinkles, and even an uneven skin tone or pigmentation. Sit back and relax as your HydraFacial works to give you your most radiant and beautiful-looking skin.

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Irvine hydrafacial model with black hair

HydraFacial Results

no recovery time
Irvine hydrafacial model with black hat
Irvine hydrafacial model with brown hair

Besides the amazing skincare effects a HydraFacial can produce, one of the best parts about the treatment is that there is no recovery time.

Patients who have received a HydraFacial treatment can expect to see noticeable results right away. A healthy glow is present almost immediately. HydraFacial treatments can easily be paired with other skincare treatments to maximize the effects and get you closer to your best, brightest, and healthiest looking skin.

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Skin Canvas offers some of the best options in aesthetics. Irvine hydrafacial expert Nurse Devina prides herself on providing exceptional service and can easily work with you to find exactly what you need. Everything is customized and tailored to you, and every treatment is made specifically for you. Your skin is *your* skin, and it will be treated that way. Your HydraFacial treatment and any other treatment you may be looking at will be completely unique for you and your needs.

HydraFacial Frequently Asked Questions

Will my hydrafacial hurt?

HydraFacial is designed to be fast, effective, and pain-free. There is no downtime afterward, and you can return to your normal routine.

How long is recovery?

There is no recovery time, and patients can even continue wearing makeup immediately following treatment.

You deserve to love the way you look. Whether in the mirror or pictures, you want your face to reflect your true self. At Skin Canvas we artfully brush away the years with our state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments in Irvine, CA. Schedule your consultation with Skin Canvas today to let us turn your look into a masterpiece you will love sharing with the world.

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